Ctrl Alt

Ctrl Alt, founded by an experienced team of financial services and technology experts is an innovative alternative investment marketplace that enables users to invest in alternative  assets with as little as £10. Their mission is to make investing in alternative asset classes simple, secure and accessible.

Key Challenge

  • Ctrl Alt needed to hire a Lead Engineer to join their team quickly and efficiently
  • Lacked in-house expertises for certain technical roles
  • Needed to know best practice approach to structured interviews
  • Interested in how to deliver a world class candidate experience


Here’s how we helped them:

  • Created a streamlined and an efficient interviewing process with an easy-to-use platform
  • Provided expert interviewers with our interview-as-a-service offering
  • Ensured best practice to hiring in an objective manner
  • Great candidate experience with super detailed feedback

What they said


I recently had the pleasure of using Equitas interview software to hire a Lead Engineer and it blew me away!

As we are growing rapidly at Ctrl Alt it means our time is incredibly valuable, and Equitas helped us save a tonne of time by providing an easy-to-use tool and the most efficient interviewing process I’ve ever seen. We also lacked in-house expertise for certain technical roles, and Equitas helped us fill the gaps with their expert interviewers provided by their interview-as-a-service offering.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was their commitment to diversity and fairness in the interview process, Equitas walked us through best practice, structure and reviewing candidates so we knew how to approach hiring in an objective manner. Additionally, the candidate experience was great. Our candidates appreciated the convenience and quality of the interview as well as super detailed feedback.

Overall, I strongly recommend Equitas interview software to any company looking to streamline its interviewing process, need the right external interviewer expertise while also prioritising fairness and wanting to build diverse teams. Equitas is going to be at the heart of how we hire going forward.

Founder & CEO ~ Ctrl Alt

Matt Ong

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