Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

RCSI Hospital Group provides a national service and a regional service to Dublin and the North East. RCSI Hospital Group is comprised of 6 hospitals and is an Academic Partner for the Group is the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). They are committed to providing world-class care, exceptional clinical services with respect and compassion.

Key Challenge

RCSI found the hiring process can be time consuming for hiring managers and interviewers especially dealing with admin, note taking, and scanning relevant documents onto a shared drive.

They were keen to make changes to their process that can help improve interviews, interview panels and most importantly the candidate experience in the long run.


Equitas helped to streamlined RCSI’s hiring process, saving time in the set up, delivery and evaluation of interviews.

The audio and transcription features helped RCSI to reduce the amount of manual note taking for each candidate. Additionally Equitas provided relatively easy scoring with real time feedback, while ensuring everything is saved securely on the system.



time saving for hiring managers

Huge time saving with the automated process

More focus on engaging conversations with candidates and assessing them thorughly

Improved the candidate experience overall in a fair and consistent manner

What they said

“The easy selling point for Hiring Managers to getinvolved was that they didn’t have to write down notes on each candidate and all the scoring was done in the system… they are well on board and can’t wait to use the system again.”

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