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Explore how Equitas streamlined the hiring process for RCSI Hospital Group, saving time and enhancing efficiency throughout the interview process. By leveraging Equitas’s innovative features, RCSI experienced significant improvements in setup, delivery, and evaluation of interviews, ultimately leading to remarkable results with fairness at the core of their interview process.

Key Challenges

RCSI identified various administrative tasks as significant pain points in their interview process. Recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers spent valuable time on tasks such as campaign setup, sending invites, note-taking during interviews, and managing documents on shared drives. These tasks not only consumed time but also diverted focus from more strategic aspects of recruitment.

Recognising the need for a modernised approach, RCSI aimed to revolutionise their interview process to improve efficiency, enhance interview panels, and prioritise the candidate experience. They sought a solution that could alleviate administrative burdens while facilitating a seamless and engaging interview experience for all stakeholders.

Our Solution


TLDR: Overall, the adoption of Equitas by our HSE clients in 2021 has led to remarkable user and interview growth. Users have emphasised Equitas’ significant role in simplifying the interviewing process, streamlining preparation, and enhancing technological efficiency.


Streamlined process

Equitas introduced a centralised platform for interviewing, replacing outdated paper-based methods, video conferencing tools like MS Teams and Webex were not fit for purpose. This digitisation streamlined the entire process across multiple hospital groups, saving significant time for both candidates and interviewers.


Audio and transcription

One of the standout features of Equitas is its audio and transcription capabilities, which greatly reduced the need for manual note-taking during interviews. This functionality not only saved time but also ensured that all relevant information was accurately captured and securely stored within the system.


Best practice scoring and feedback

Equitas facilitated easy to understand scoring scales and automated candidate feedback post interviews, contributing to a more efficient and productive evaluation process. Interviewers could provide feedback instantly just by scoring, ensuring that candidates received timely and constructive feedback.


Face-to-face interview success

RCSI experienced incredible success with Equitas’s face-to-face interview functionality, particularly during large-scale events such as job fairs. In events held in the UAE and India, Equitas facilitated over 450 interviews, resulting in nearly 100 job offers. The RCSI Recruitment and TA team loved Equitas, highlighting the significant time and effort saved.


Structured interview approach

Equitas actively promoted fair and transparent hiring practices by ensuring a structured interview approach. This method proved crucial in high volume hiring campaigns, ensuring consistency and minimising bias in candidate evaluation. Equitas recorded and transcribed all interviews across thousands of campaigns, fostering accountability and providing valuable insights for both candidates and interviewers.


Enhanced candidate experience

RCSI noted a significant improvement in the overall interview experience, thanks to Equitas. Eliminating manual note-taking allowed interviewers to engage more fully with candidates, creating a more comfortable environment for all parties involved. Additionally, the implementation of auto-generated feedback reports led to a drastic reduction in candidate requests for additional information, further streamlining the process.

Results using Equitas

Over 5,500 interviews were completed across 500+ different roles across 6 sites

Huge time saving of over 50% with the automated process.

Improved candidate experience and more engaging conversations due to auto-generated note-taking.

Improved the recruiter experience with auto-generated feedback reports



Over 5,500 interviews were completed across 500+ different roles across 6 sites.



Huge time saving of over 50% with the automated process.

Candidate Experience

Improved candidate experience and more engaging conversations due to auto-generated note-taking.


Improved the recruiter experience with auto-generated feedback reports.

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