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Explore how Equitas addressed the key challenges faced by Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts (CT Shirts) in their interview process and revolutionised their approach to hiring. By modernising their interview process with a focus on values hiring, fairness, candidate experience, and consistency, Equitas transformed CT Shirts’ recruitment practices and elevated their employer brand.

Key Challenges

Initially, CT Shirts conducted remote interviews for their HQ hiring using a mix of in-person meetings and Microsoft Teams. However, they recognized the need to modernise their approach to hiring with fairness as a core principle. Additionally, CT Shirts aimed to deliver an exceptional candidate experience across all departments at HQ and sought to streamline their interview frameworks to ensure consistency throughout.

Our Solution


TLDR: Overall, the adoption of Equitas by our CT Shirts clients in 2021 has led to remarkable user and interview growth. Users have emphasised Equitas’ significant role in simplifying the interviewing process, streamlining preparation, and enhancing technological efficiency.


Streamlined interview frameworks

Equitas helped CT Shirts to streamline their interview frameworks, focusing on values-based hiring principles: Be The Boss, Be The Customer, Be The Best. By aligning interview questions with company values, CT Shirts were able to evaluate candidates fairly and identify those that not only possess the necessary skills and qualifications but embody the same values of the company.


Delivering Fair and Consistent Interviews

Equitas enabled CT Shirts to deliver fair and consistent interviews across all departments at HQ. By standardising interview processes and questions, CT Shirts ensured that each candidate received a consistent evaluation throughout all campaigns.


Enhanced Candidate Engagement

By removing the need for note-taking with advanced audio recording and transcription features enhanced the interview experience for CT Shirts.. This allowed interviewers to fully engage with candidates during interviews, leading to more meaningful and engaging conversations.


Transparency and Efficiency

Equitas improved transparency and efficiency in CT Shirts’ hiring process by providing candidates with feedback faster than ever before. Through auto-generated feedback reports, CT Shirts enhanced the candidate experience and strengthened their employer brand overall.

Results using Equitas

Over 5,500 interviews were completed across 500+ different roles across 6 sites

Huge time saving of over 50% with the automated process.

Improved candidate experience and more engaging conversations due to auto-generated note-taking.

Improved the recruiter experience with auto-generated feedback reports

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