Faster, Fairer & Inclusive Hiring

Interview intelligence software designed for fair and inclusive hiring, helping companies build diverse teams. We have created the fairest way to conduct and score live interviews using frameworks, structured scoring and interview data capture.


The Next Generation of Interview Intelligence

Unlock Valuable Data With Interview Intelligence

Elevate your company’s hiring  effectiveness and efficiency with Interview Intelligence.  

  • Capture data from the interview sessions through audio recording and transcription.
  • Evidence-based scoring replaces guessing and gut instinct, while increasing transparency across hiring teams by letting multiple interviewers score without having to repeat interview rounds.
  • Eliminate the ‘black hole’ with technology and data to provide insight and evidence, helping your hiring team make objective decisions.
  • Gain insights for continuous interview improvements and identify top talent faster.

Get To Offer Faster And Secure The Best Talent

Reduce time to hire and provide a better interviewer and candidate experience. 

  • Our interview platform automates manual tasks by having a centralised system so your top performers can be identified quicker. 
  • Interview data is captured, so there is no need for note-taking and scoring can be done faster and with more confidence.
  • Track progress with candidates across multiple rounds of interviews. For high volume campaigns you also have the ability to quickly sort candidates, filter by benchmark scores and encourage a range of opinions on a candidate from diverse interview panels.

Achieve Your DEI Goals With A Fair And Inclusive Hiring Process

Meet your diversity, equity and inclusion goals faster by reducing bias in the interview process.

  • Use data capture, structured questions tailored to every role, and panel interviews to ensure you build highly effective and diverse teams. 
  • Promote fair and inclusive interviewing, while providing full transparency across the whole hiring process.
  • Leverage Interview intelligence for better collaboration between hiring teams to ensure objective and more informed hiring decisions are made.


Helping you hire the best
candidates for the job

Less bias for the best talent

A fair way to hire the right candidates for the job. Our platform reduces bias, provides equal opportunities for candidates and focuses on evidence and data for decision making, to make it easier to find the best talent for the job.

Reduce time to offer

A quicker way to find talent. Our platform streamlines and automates parts of the interviewing process, saving 50% of interviewer time and getting to offer faster.

Candidate experience

World-class candidate experience with more focus on candidates, better communication, and easier feedback. Our platform facilitates engaging conversations and boosts your company brand so you get a higher acceptance rate.

Quick and easy adoption

It is quick and easy to start using Equitas, with a user-friendly and intuitive design, paired with top tier customer support to rapidly onboard new users and increase adoption.

Optimised interview process

Harness interview intelligence to drive improvements, upskill interviewers and analyse trends to see how your interviews are performing and to track diversity, equity and inclusion metrics.

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Equitas Insights is a video series of impactful conversations with industry leaders on relevant topics in HR and recruitment. Watch them now to find out more and subscribe to never miss out on new episodes.

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