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The all-in-one interview platform for fairer hiring. Hire the best candidates, in half the time, in the fairest way possible.



Your end-to-end interview solution

The all-in-one interview platform for fairer hiring.
Hire the best candidates, in half the time, in the fairest way possible.

Autocue for interviews

Consistent, quality questions appearing in front of your interviewers like magic when conducting interviews.

Effortless data capture

No more note taking, capture audio and transcribe to text so interviewers can focus on the conversation

Auto generated feedback reports

Give candidates the constructive, developmental feedback they deserve and eliminate ghosting.

Customisable frameworks

Tailorable, best practice interview frameworks to ensure consistency, accountability and objective scoring

What our clients say

Turn the pain of old-fashioned, paper-based, spreadsheet-driven interviews into one source of truth for your interviewers.

Your interviews have the biggest impact
on hiring the right people

Your interviews are more important now than ever before as AI makes it harder to
assess candidates in the early stages of the hiring process.

30+ hours

The average amount of time your hiring managers and interviewers spend interviewing per role

€133k/ £100k

The average cost of hiring the wrong person for a role and them not working out


Your company is twice as likely to survive if they use fair hiring practices

Structure is everything,
quality questions are key

The quality of questions you ask is everything. We help you get the right interview frameworks in place to bring consistency to your process and make your interviewers’ lives easy. Whether it’s Skills, Behaviours, Values, Competencies, we support all structures. 

We have created the fairest
way to conduct live

Remote or face to face. Live transcription and audio recording. Focus on candidate experience and less on note-taking.

Human-led scoring

Introduce structure, consistency and detail into the way you score candidates. Use multiple positive and negative indicators aligned to behaviours, values and skills needed to succeed in the role.

Automate candidate

Cut down on repetitive write-ups. Give candidates the developmental feedback they want. Stop ghosting from happening and give candidates the feedback they deserve with our auto-generated candidate feedback reports.

What our clients say

Stay at the forefront of the HR, TA, and Recruitment industry

Join industry experts and thought leaders, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the virtual stage. Our webinars provide a platform for deep dives into key HR, TA, and recruitment topics. Watch them on rewind, and never miss out on new webinars!

We’re the bridge between your
interviewers and your ATS

No more chasing your interviewers or hiring managers for scores, interview notes or
candidate feedback. When they use Equitas it seamlessly drops into your ATS


Your ATS is your single source of truth from application through to offer. We seamlessly integrate your ATS integrations and give you and your interviewers a streamlined workflow.


We are the layer that sits on top of your ATS. Run inclusive by default interviews and capture data that was previously going missing.

Great Hires

Use more data ever than before to make fair, objective hiring decisions and track what works. We help you lower attrition with the way you hire.

Why Equitas?

Why the TA and Recruitment teams choose Equitas

TA and Recruitment folks face more and more challenges to do more with less and are under pressure to deliver on Candidate Experience, DEI, Productivity and fill roles faster than ever before.

We’ve designed Equitas to:

To help you achieve:

Frequently asked questions

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