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“I am never going back to the old way of interviewing. Equitas is truly an amazing platform.”

Elaine Mylotte,
Strategic Workforce Manager, Ireland East Hospital Group

Why Equitas

Stay ahead of
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Never Take Notes Again

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Save thousands of hours

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The volume of interviews required by companies continues to increase.

Stay ahead of the curve with Equitas.


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“Equitas turned the pain of doing interviews into an advantage. It saves us 50% of time for anything that touches the interview process.”

Paul Foran,
Deputy Head of HR, RCSI

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Why Equitas

  • Companies are 2x more likely to survive if fair hiring practices are used
  • Flexible, competitive pricing that reflects usage
  • Adaptable for a range of roles, from high-volume entry positions to C-suite
  • Inclusive interview frameworks built with simplicity in mind
  • Diversity leads to greater productivity, creativity and higher than average financial returns for companies
  • Equitas is one of the few softwares in the UK, Ireland and Europe that supports both remote and in-person interviews

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