Taking the guesswork out of interviewing

Improving diversity in the workplace by changing the way candidates are interviewed and assessed with our interview software

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Why use Equitas

The next generation of interview software

Consistently fair interviews

A structured and consistent experience to create a level playing field for all candidates


Reduce the risk of bias and score more accurately with a collaborative approach across hiring teams

Evidence based

Evaluate candidates based on evidence from the interview to make more informed hiring decisions

D&I insight

Identifying bias and areas for improvement in the interview process

Save time

Streamline the interview process and spend more time focusing on candidates

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How it works

3 quick and easy steps

Quick and easy set up for structured interview campaigns, with tailored and dynamic frameworks  specific to your needs


Consistent delivery of one to one or panel interviews, with brilliant candidate engagement and experience


Detailed scoring criteria ensures candidates are assessed on their skills and experience based on evidence from the interview


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Get Insights into HR & Recruitment

Equitas Insights is a video series of impactful conversations with industry leaders on relevant topics in HR and recruitment. Watch them now to find out more and subscribe to never miss out on new episodes. 

What our customers say

Here are some of the forward-thinking companies who are already using us


“Equitas helped us to rapidly go remote for our interviews, making the process quicker and easier. Being able to capture our interview data with Equitas saved time and meant we could have more engaging conversations with our candidates.” 


Recruitment Manager

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“The easy selling point for Hiring Managers to get involved was that they didn’t have to write down notes on each candidate and all the scoring was done in the system… they are well on board and can’t wait to use the system again” 


Recruitment Manager


“The switch to digital interviews with Equitas was easy for everyone in our team, the detailed scoring made it simple to pick the right candidates. ”

Ignite NI

Managing Director


“Equitas helped to make our interviews remote with plenty of features to also improve the process. Audio recording meant I could have more engaging conversations with candidates.”



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How to hire remotely guide

Interviewing remotely can be difficult enough without having to worry about what technology, the best frameworks or the level of engagement between candidate and interviewer.


That's why we have created a guide to help you with remote hiring and interviewing, download it for free.