Workplus are redefining apprenticeships with a new approach to education and work. Working with some of the biggest employers in Northern Ireland such as Translink and Capita they help companies find the best early stage talent in Northern Ireland. 

What we did

Workplus was focused on giving their applicants as much help and support to find amazing apprenticeships. Working with thirty of the top employers in Northern Ireland they have been one of the driving forces behind the growth of apprenticeships in the region. 2020 has seen unprecedented growth for Workplus with 130 potential roles to be filled and over 800 applications. 

With the impact of Covid-19 Workplus needed to completely change the way they engaged with potential apprentices during interviews. We were able to help them go remote within a matter of days and provided a team of interviewers to engage with their apprenticeship applicants. Using our interview software we were able to give real time feedback to candidates at the end of their interviews and seamlessly transition to a remote interview approach. 

What they said

“Equitas helped us go remote for our interviews with plenty of features to make the process quicker and easier. Audio recording meant I could have more engaging conversations with our apprentices. ”

Richard Kirk, CEO


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