Why it takes more than a Zoom account to bring your hiring into the 21st century

In the midst of a global pandemic, applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become invaluable. They have allowed us to keep in touch, get face-to-face interaction and ensure that work doesn’t stop.

But are these video conferencing tools the best option when it comes to hiring?

For smaller companies who only need a few essential hires during these difficult times it is a perfectly adequate solution to bridge the gap until things return to normal.

However, what happens when you’re conducting hundreds or thousands of job interviews each year? Or if you’re a business experiencing unprecedented growth?

If you’re hiring at scale, working via Zoom is not going to be a great success. It can be difficult to assess interviewees from a 40 minute video call while trying to take notes, follow a structured interview and sell your company at the same time. There are lots of ways to work around a problem, but sometimes, the best approach is to solve it. That’s why we have built a recruitment tool which can help companies make fairer hiring decisions, remotely or in person.

Making fair hiring decisions is tough, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. We are all working from home, conducting calls and video chats via the kitchen table or the home office, all the while making sure we’re staying busy.

A huge number of companies have initiated a hiring freeze, but for companies who have dedicated teams for hiring staff that isn’t a viable, long-term option. The longer into the lockdown we go the more we find our processes and approach to hiring has not kept up with the technological world we live in.

That’s why we believe that COVID-19 is a wake-up call for companies to bring in new recruitment technology for the 21st century. We believe that automating the boring, repetitive parts of your interview process will not only make your job easier to do remotely, but it will also make your job easier in the long run.

At Equitas, we have built a recruitment tool to help with all aspects of the interviewing process.

We’ll help you conduct better interviews, capture notes on all of the interviewees and most importantly, help you make fairer, more accurate hiring decisions.

After spending years conducting thousands of interviews and seeing all of the difficult, painful parts of recruitment we decided to build this product. When you’re hiring at scale, it can be so difficult to make the right decisions.

We want to help people during this difficult time, so if you would like some free advice about how to take your hiring remote, please get in touch. For people who are being asked to do more with less, there are a lot of free tools available and quick wins if you need to go completely remote.

Don’t let Zoom be a plaster on a bigger problem. Find a way to make recruitment work, remotely and in the office, better for you.