Why Data Is Important For Hiring Success

Data-driven recruitment is an increasingly popular strategy amongst recruiters and hiring managers to help hire the best candidates for the role. Technology advancement is continuously improving the quality of gathering data, helping hiring teams make better and more informed hiring decisions. This article will explore the key benefits of data- driven recruiting and how data and technology can improve the hiring process overall to ensure success.

What is data driven recruitment and how does it help hiring teams?

Data-driven recruiting is when you use tangible facts and statistics to inform your hiring decisions, from selecting candidates to creating hiring plans. Recruiting teams that use data are more likely to be efficient, reduce costs and improve their hiring processes. This approach provides hiring teams with a seamless way to connect all the data that can easily and effectively meet the demands of the organisation.

As Josh Bersin eloquently put it:

“The old fashioned fuddy-duddy HR department is changing. The Geeks have arrived. Today, for the first time in the fifteen years I’ve been an analyst, human resources departments are getting serious about analytics. And I mean serious.”

A report states that 50% of HR professionals and hiring managers would say that data is the top trend impacting how they hire. Data allows your company to make strategic decisions about the kind of candidates to hire, but it also provides factual insights, allowing your company to make informed decisions on where to source talent and the most effective tools to use. Unsurprisingly, 69% of HR professionals agree that data can help them achieve greater success in hiring. 

3 Key benefits of data driven recruiting 

Whether you’re new to data driven recruitment or looking for new opportunities to improve your process, we have outlined some key benefits of data-driven recruitment strategy that you can use to your own advantage and help you take your recruiting to the next level.

Reduce gut feeling and biased hiring decisions

For recruiters, it’s often difficult to hire the right candidate without the risk of bias creeping into the process. With data- driven recruitment and focusing on the facts, you are provided with insightful information at your fingertips that can help you assess candidates fairly and make more informed hiring decisions. 

Invest time in Quality  of prescreening

Data- driven recruiting can help filter out candidates without specific skills that are critical to success in the role. Using this approach improves your recruitment process and your candidate experience by making sure the right candidates are applying and not having to deselect at a later stage in the process. By doing so, you can boost your employer brand and improve the quality of relevant candidates applying.

Improve diversity

Recruitment that is backed by the right technology that supports diversity and fair hiring practices can help you achieve your diversity goals. It is no secret that diversity leads to greater innovation, creativity and financial returns. 

Data analytics can help you look into the demographics of your organisation, these insights can determine whether or not unconscious bias has an impact on your hiring process. You can also observe any areas that issues may arise that could be inhibiting you hiring a more diverse workforce.

How to use data to inform hiring decisions with technology 

Data is used to allow decision making to be based on evidence and facts rather than opinion or gut feeling. During the screening and hiring process, there should be no room for personal bias, but rather objectively assessing candidates. Data collected provides HR leaders with factual insights that eliminates opinion-based decision making and therefore helps to reduce the bias in your interview and hiring processes. 

Artificial and human intelligence have the potential to complement each other perfectly so that your company hires the candidates who are most suited to the role they are being hired to do. Companies should feel compelled to invest in the best HR technology that will help them find the right talent to join their teams, after all this will directly impact the success of the organisation. 

At Equitas we believe the focus should always be placed on people. Using data allows HR professionals to focus on the human side of recruitment: seeing candidate potential, convincing candidates to accept offers and most importantly, building relationships with candidates. 

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