Ulster University

Based in Northern Ireland, Ulster University is internationally recognised for their excellence, innovation and regional engagement. They focus on preparing students for tomorrow's world today with an entrepreneurial and technology enabled approach.

What we did

Ulster University business school wanted to improve the employability skills of their students ensuring that they had relevant work experience alongside their degree. 

Equitas ran a series of digital interview events both remotely and in person throughout 2019 and 2020. This was combined with a series of employability workshops, ensuring students were aware of the common skills employers looked for that they needed to find placements and vital work experience. Students received detailed feedback reports with auto-generated developmental feedback so that they could improve their performance for future interviews. To date this has resulted in dozens of placements and internship opportunities across companies in Northern Ireland.


There was a 71% increase in students' confidence of attending job interviews due to the interview experience and detailed feedback reports. 100% of the students provided positive feedback saying they would recommend it to other students.

What they said

“We have partnered with Equitas over the last two academic years to provide our students with some incredible opportunities. Employability events, remote interviews and use of their interview app have resulted in some amazing internships and placements for our students.”​
Dr. Andrea Reid, Ulster University Business School

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