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TES believes in the power of great teaching, they connect teachers and schools worldwide, helping them to improve children's lives through education.

What we did

TES wanted to improve the way they interviewed for Enrolment Advisors within their Sales team. We helped TES Global to introduce a digital approach to their interviews. In partnership with their sales hiring manager identified what a high performing Enrolment Advisor looked like and built a structured interview approach based on their core values and the skills required to succeed in the role. 

This new approach helped improve the accuracy and consistency of the interview process. Previously these interviews had been quite manual and laborious with the need for copious note taking and were a huge strain on interviewers. With their new digital approach, top performers were identified quicker and the time to hire was reduced. 



Previously TES found retention for these roles could be quite challenging but after using Equitas completion rate on probation periods doubled to 100%. Interviewers also realised a 30% time saving when it came to interview delivery. 

What they said


“Equitas made our interview process a lot smoother. The audio recording and transcription meant I could concentrate on having an engaging conversation with the candidates. Equitas were great, they set us up with an amazing interview framework which helped us hire some very talented Enrolment Advisors”

Adrian Loughrey, School Partnership Support Manager

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