3 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Hiring Process

The increase in competition between companies has accelerated with the impact of Covid-19, which consequently has led to incorporating a more digital hiring approach. The companies that have already started to adopt and implement these new technologies will have a greater chance of attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent. Technology adaptation usually happens in the early stages of the hiring process, from the attraction to the application and screening stage. It is important to take note of numerous companies offering a wide range of solutions such as applicant tracking system (ATS) providers, video interviewing, assessment and selection, the list is endless.

With the current business environment, it would be wise for companies to take advantage of the opportunity to review and improve their hiring process. The main goal should be to hire the best people for the job in the most efficient, accurate and fair way. By adopting new technological tools and software, this will help to modernise, streamline and improve the recruitment process in the long run.

Facilitate remote interviews

The shift to fully remote hiring has created many challenges, but it is important to understand how adopting the right technology can help you to deliver remote interviews consistently, efficiently and fairly.

Beyond the usual video conferencing tools, interview specific softwares can help you save time, ensure consistency and structure as they provide a centralised system that creates a level playing field for candidates. If your company is currently conducting high volume campaigns, it is even more important to have a centralised system as this will provide consistency across all campaigns, saving your company time and resources to allow focus on other functions of the business.

Selecting the right tool for remote interviews is crucial for your business as your hiring team will be able to facilitate remote interviews with ease, provide equal opportunities for all candidates and help create better hires through a digital hiring approach.

Improve efficiency with the right tools

The hiring process can be time consuming, with more time spent on admin tasks, rather than on assessing candidates. From organising resumes to inputting candidate information into an outdated spreadsheet, managing extensive amounts of data manually makes it more challenging to find the right hires. There is a great variety of tools available that can drastically reduce time spent on managing the process. Applicant Tracking Systems are a good example, as are recruitment automation tools that reduce the amount of admin tasks for things such as scheduling or candidate communication. Interview and assessment tools can also streamline the process, allowing more time for the assessment of candidates.

As more companies embrace technology to modernise their hiring process, it is still crucial to be aware of and include best practice throughout to ensure a fair and efficient process. One important part of this is to follow a structured process, from application to assessment and onboarding. A structured approach provides a framework from which to run your hiring process and to assess candidates against, making it easier to determine the best candidate for the job as well as helping to reduce bias.

Bring fairness in hiring with technology

Technology is becoming more widely adopted by companies for hiring and it is playing a big role in reducing bias. There are various strategies being used, such as using pre-screen assessments or work scenarios instead of CV screening to surface candidates with the right skills and abilities for the role. Another strategy is to use tools for better attraction and sourcing to help recruiters and hiring managers locate the best talent beyond their usual talent pools in order to bring more diverse applicants into the process.

There are also more tools to help with the tracking of demographics across the hiring process in order to understand where and why diverse applicants are not being hired. This insight into where bias is occurring highlights areas for improvement and can help to make the hiring process more fair. By using a technology provider with a focus on D&I and reducing bias, this will not only help your company build a more diverse and efficient team, but will also create further success for your business in the long run.

Digital hiring is being facilitated across many forward thinking companies, utilising these new technologies and software will enhance your hiring process and allow interviewers to make better and more accurate hiring decisions.

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