Digital Interviewing

Voice-led interview software that focuses on fair and inclusive hiring practices so that companies can build teams that represent the communities that they serve

How it works


Set up your interview campaigns quickly and easily with dynamic frameworks, tailored and customisable to meet your needs.


Replicate interviews, upload candidates and assign interviewers all through one centralised system.

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interview setup.png


Ensure structured and consistent delivery across one-to-one or panel interviews.


Each candidate receives the same experience, with more engaging conversations and less distraction.


Evidence-based scoring leverages audio and transcription from the interview so that candidates are assessed on their skills and experience.


Consistent and detailed scoring criteria provide a more accurate result with better data points from which to make more informed hiring decisions.

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Optimised hiring for startups and small companies


Users: startups

No hiring process

0-50 hires pa


Perfect for small teams looking to scale


Users: scale-ups and SMEs Informal hiring process 

50-200 hires pa



More flexibility and capacity for higher volume


Users: high growth medium

Structured hiring process

200-1000 hires pa



Ideal for high volume hiring campaigns


Users: large enterprises

Complex hiring process

1000+ hires pa

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Features include

 Remote interviews

1-2-1 or panel interviews

Interview effectiveness audit

Dynamic interview frameworks

Interview scheduling

Interview data capture 

 Collaborative scoring

Auto-generated feedback

Downloadable feedback reports

ATS integration 

Phone, chat, email support

D&I tracking and insight 

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