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Features include:


Remote interviews

Panel interviews


Audio recording

Phone, chat and email support


All Base features, plus:


Dedicated account manager

Bespoke interview materials

Auto-generated feedback

6 month audio storage

Downloadable feedback reports


All Advanced features, plus:


Interview effectiveness audit

Interviewer scoring tracker

ATS integration

6+ months audio storage

Pricing is based on your company size and projected volumes, starting at £150 per month. Get in touch for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another one-way video interview platform?

No, we are a digital platform for two-way interviews. We facilitate phone, video and in-person interviews, but always an interaction between candidate and interviewer

How does the app save on time and resources?

Automation during setup and scoring reduces time and manual processes, audio recording and transcription reduces the need for note-taking and other interviewers are able to listen to the interview.

Can an interview have multiple interviewers?

Yes, we support panel interviews up to 4 interviewers. Audio recording and transcription mean that other interviewers can look back at interviews, reducing some of the need for multiple interviewers.

Is the candidate and interview data secure?

We ensure proper, industry data security across our platform and end to end data encryption for any data transfer in order to keep all data secure.

Is this GDPR compliant?

Yes, more so than a traditional pen and paper interview. Our product and our business processes are fully GDPR compliant and we help our clients to ensure that they remain compliant as well.

Do you integrate with ATS providers or HR systems?

Yes, we are able to integrate with most ATS providers or HR systems, let us know which provider you use and whether we already integrate with them or if we are able to integrate.

Do you provide training on how to use the product?

Yes, our easy-to-use product has guidance and assisstance on how to use it, we have online resources and we can organise training where required.

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