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Interview Count

Empower your hiring teams to make every interview count whilst still ensuring a fair, consistent and engaging interview experience with interview intelligence. Streamline manual tasks without compromising on quality.

Inclusive by default interview Intelligence

Interview Intelligence software that focuses on fair and inclusive hiring

Equitas interview frameworks

Select a framework from Equitas’ Dynamic Frameworks, or use any type of interview framework, tailored and customisable to meet your needs and relevant to the role you are hiring for.

We can also provide a framework creation service to help determine the best process and structure for you.

Quick and easy Interview Campaigns

Setting up interviews is quick and easy through one centralised system for creating campaigns, uploading candidates and scheduling. Once you have set up, you can replicate campaigns every time you are hiring for that role.

We also integrate with most ATS providers or HR systems to make the process even easier.

Conduct fair and inclusive Interviews

Whether you are interviewing remotely or in-person, one-to-one or in a panel, a seasoned professional or doing your first interview, every interview will be at the same standard. This takes the stress out of interviewing and saves you time.

Each candidate receives the same experience and information, allowing them an equal opportunity and facilitating a more engaging conversation with less distractions.

Score Interviews objectively

Capturing the interview data from interview sessions through audio and transcription, helps your hiring team to reference each interview. This data can be used for scoring, immediately and in the future.

Evidence-based scoring replaces guessing and gut instinct, while increasing transparency across hiring teams by letting multiple interviewers score without having to repeat interviews.

Data Analytics For Continuous Interview Improvement

We analyse data and key performance indicators from interviews to identify where bias has occurred, or is at risk of occurring, as well as areas for improvement and optimisation.

This analysis drives insights and recommendations on how to continuously improve interviews and hiring, so that the fairest and most effective process is being used to hire the best candidates.

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Features Include

Remote Interview

  • Conduct remote interviews with candidates anywhere in the world
  • No downloads required, simple in browser technology
  • Candidates and interviewers can easily start an interview in two clicks

1-2-1 or panel interviews

  • Deliver 1-2-1 interviews, either one round or across multiple interview rounds
  • Use panel interviews to encourage a diverse range of opinions and minimise bias
  • Ask us more about our asynchronous panel interviews

Dynamic interview

  • Interview frameworks that you can evolve rapidly
  • One centralised place to house all of your interview assets
  • Tailorable right down to the role and question for extreme flexibility

Interview Scheduling

  • Simple interview scheduling functionality
  • Easy email invite links and pre-interview areas for candidates
  • Auto-scheduler and candidate self-scheduler… Coming soon

Interview Data Capture

  • Capture vital interview data and replace manual note taking
  • Audio and transcription available after interviews for scoring
  • Additional interview data and metrics captured

Collaborative Scoring

  • Anonymous collaborative scoring for interviewers
  • Reduces conformity bias, seniority bias and groupthink
  • Colour coded scoring matrices for interview washups


  • Auto-generated developmental feedback
  • Linked to scoring metrics
  • Ensures high quality candidate feedback

Feedback Reports

  • Detailed, developmental feedback reports for candidates
  • Sent to candidates with the click of a button
  • Personalised audio feedback for candidates….Coming soon

Excellent customer support

  • Dedicated support team and account managers
  • In-app chat support with lightning fast response times
  • Concierge onboarding for Growth & Enterprise customers

D&I Tracking and Insight

  • Capture candidate demographic information anonymously
  • Track the progression of candidates based on anonymous data
  • Analyse the performance of questions and scoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you just another Video Interview Platform?

No, we are an interview software for two-way interviews facilitating phone, video and in-person interviews, with clear interaction between candidate and interviewer. Interviews are more structured, consistent and streamlined and we take the guesswork out of interviewing with evidence based scoring.

There are time saving features throughout the setup, delivery and evaluation of interview campaigns. Interviewers should be spending more time and focus on engaging with and assessing candidates. Interviews can be accessed and scored retrospectively, further reducing the need for duplicate interviews or multiple interviewers. We work with companies to minimise their costs and time spent on the boring admin of running interview campaigns.

Yes, we support panel interviews up to 4 interviewers. Audio recording and transcription mean that other interviewers can look back at interviews and score retrospectively based on the evidence. This collaborative approach to scoring not only reduces the need for multiple interviewers during live interviews, but also helps to make better and fairer hiring decisions.

We follow protocols to ensure industry data security across our platform, and end to end data encryption for any data transfer in order to keep all data secure.

The database is secure and in compliance with GDPR, allowing companies to safely and efficiently hire remotely and at scale whilst improving their existing processes.

Yes, we are able to integrate with most ATS providers or HR systems. Let us know which provider you use, and whether we currently integrate with them or if we are able to integrate.

Yes, our easy-to-use software has guidance and assistance on how to use it. We have online resources and we can organise training where required. We also provide demo videos to help walk you through each stage, from setup to scoring and evaluation.

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