London South Bank University

London South Bank University (LSBU) has been helping people transform their lives, businesses and communities for over 120 years. They are one of the most recognised civic universities for entrepreneurship and have an incredibly diverse student body.

Key Challenge

LSBU's used a very manual, paper-based approach to their panel interviews with numerous panel members being required for every role. 


Equitas helped LSBU streamline their approach by reviewing their competency framework and question set and then uploading it onto our interview software.


LSBU was able to use Equitas when hiring for entry level roles and saw some incredible results.



of the interview delivery time was reduced  

The amount of time spent on panel interview wash ups was cut in half

LSBU was able to reduce the number of interviewers required for panel interviews by at least


What they said


“The Equitas interview app was perfect for panel interviews, being able to listen back and view transcriptions to make sure we knew exactly what candidates said made it easier to hire the right person for the role.”


Recruitment Manager, LSBU

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