London Metropolitan University

London MET is home to an incredibly diverse community of inspiring and determined learners, teachers and innovative thinkers. They have one of the most vibrant, multi-ethnic and socially diverse student bodies in the world with students from over 146 different nationalities.

What we did

We helped London MET improve the employability of their students using our digital interview and assessment platform. Since 2017 we’ve been involved with several student engagement events helping over hundreds of students to test out their skills with realistic interviews, assessment simulations and tests. 


The Way to Win and Fast Forward Festivals attracted thousands of students annually and Equitas was able to help hundreds of students improve their employability skills with practical workshops, individual interviews and tailored assessments using our software.


We received an overwhelming positive response from the students with 96% saying they felt more confident with interviews and assessments after using our software.

What they said


“The digital interviews and assessments delivered by Equitas gave students a realistic preview of what the graduate hiring process at the top student employers would look like. It was really useful for students to go through practical interviews and assessments and the feedback from students on their experience was very positive.”

Fiona Tracey, Careers and Employability Service Manager at London Metropolitan University

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