Kairos is one of the leading Sports Tech providers with truly global reach. They streamline the way elite athletes operate, plan and perform with their market leading platform.

What we did

Kairos were keen to grow quickly and wanted to compliment their incredibly experienced founding team with some great early stage talent. As they are helping professional sports teams modernise their operations with a digital approach they wanted to use a similar digital approach when it came to hiring. 


We were able to help them modernise their approach to hiring early stage talent with tailored questions and a scoring framework for entry level marketing. Kairos were able to save time when delivering interviews allowing them to see more candidates than they ever had for previous roles. The candidate feedback was really positive and with such an exciting and innovative company it was clear why Kairos had so much interest.

What they said


“Really pleased with the service from Equitas, it is a fantastic interview tool. Really user friendly and we have had great feedback from candidates. A modern and effective approach to interviewing”

Gareth Quinn, Co-Founder

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