Ignite helps founders build incredible businesses across the UK. They have helped founders in their portfolio of companies raise tens of millions of pounds. Each year Ignite NI attracts hundreds of applications from across the world for their accelerators. 


Key Challenge

Ignite's approach to panel interviews was unstructured and informal to ensure that candidates were put at ease and to match the reality of working in an accelerator environment.


Ignite realised the need to introduce more technology and structure to the process to ensure the best candidates and teams were being selected for the programme. 


Equitas helped develop a detailed interview framework and question set for Ignite.


This was validated with top performing past alumni who Equitas conducted detailed interviews with to profile what successful candidates should look like. 


With over 150 panel interviews conducted in a week, Ignite saw a



reduction in wash-up time due to the detailed scoring framework and consistency in approach from interviewers

What they said


“The switch to digital interviews with Equitas was easy for everyone in our team, the detailed scoring made it simple to pick the right candidates.”


Managing Director, Ignite NI

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