Ireland East Hospital Group

The Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) is Ireland’s largest hospital network established by the Hospital Safety Executive (HSE). Comprising of 11 hospitals that is currently helping to deliver high-quality patient care across Ireland.

Key Challenge

With the impact of Covid-19, IEHG had a large number of applicants, including a new type of role, vaccinators.

This posed a greater challenge for IEHG as the volumes were higher than they were used to and they had to do it all remotely.


Using Equitas allowed them to go remote within a matter of days and provided a team of interviewers with a digital first approach to their hiring.

IEHG was able to move away from remote interviews with Zoom and hire hundreds of vaccinators in Ireland with a new streamlined and secure interview process.



of time saved across the whole interview process


Applicants in first month


Vaccinators hired

What they said

“Equitas helped us to rapidly go remote for our interviews, making the process quicker and easier. Being able to capture our interview data with Equitas saved time and meant we could have more engaging conversations with our candidates.”

Recruitment Manager


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