Health Service Executive

The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides all of Ireland’s public health services in hospitals and communities across the country. Their vision of a healthier Ireland with a high-quality health service valued by all, feeds directly into the way they want to recruit and the experience they want to provide every candidate. The HSE is also a values-driven organisation with Care, Compassion, Trust, and Learning being core tenets of the way they hire. At over 140,000+ employees they are Ireland’s largest employer.

Key Challenge

During the pandemic, it was incredibly challenging for the hospital groups across the HSE to continue hiring in what had traditionally been a face-to-face and paper-based interview process. Critical roles from vaccinators to nurses had to be filled at short notice with a completely new approach to hiring. 

Since the pandemic, the HSE needed a hybrid approach to cover both remote and face-to-face interviews. Key challenges to be tackled were consistency, efficiency, candidate experience, environmental impact, and digital transformation.


Equitas delivered a centralised platform for interviewing across numerous hospital groups to completely digitise their otherwise paper based approach. This has led to time savings for both candidates and interviewers and led to a large cost saving compared to the traditional paper based approach to interviewing. Interviewers and recruiters have been able to save 50%+ of their time with audio capture and transcription technology. 

Candidate requests for additional feedback or information have dropped from up to 10% to less than 1% due to autogenerated feedback reports and constructive developmental feedback delivered faster than ever before. 

Remote delivery has also meant access to new global talent pools across the world, especially for international nurse hiring with candidates applying from over 30 countries, across 5 different continents.



time-saving for interviewers versus original, paper-based approach


high volume interview campaigns

International hiring in partnership with multiple recruitment agencies and RPOs

Rapid onboarding and ramp up with hundreds of interviews in the first month

What they said

“Equitas is truly an amazing platform and that is testament to the Equitas team and their ability to bring our interviewers along with them, they made it a smooth and seamless transition for us! I have no doubt that they are going to continue to grow and revolutionise interview methods for Irish Healthcare. I am usually a hard person to convince so it is again testament to the reliability, quality and replicability of the platform.”

Strategic Workforce Planning Manager


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