How to attract and retain Generation Z

Understanding Gen Z Employment  

The newest generation to be named were born between 1996-2010, following millennials. They are social media-fluent, use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices without fear and are interested in meaningful social change. To bring home the familiarity of technology for this generation, the iPhone launched in 2007 when the oldest of the Gen Z generation was 10 years old. Rather than adapting to constant connectivity and rapid advances in digitalisation, for Gen Zers, this way of life is now assumed. It’s inescapable. So what does it mean for the world of work and attracting and retaining talented employees?

Satisfaction. Purpose. Impact

Three simple words to use to your advantage. The Yello Recruiting Study revealed that comparing employees of 55 – 64 and 25 – 34 shows a reduction of over 50% in job length, with Gen Z expecting a job lifespan of less than 3 years on average. These employees are looking for more than a traditional 9-5 role. Salary is the most important consideration for every generation. But today, work-life balance ranks as one of the top three factors in job search criteria for Gen Zers.

By the time of an interview, Gen Zers will have consumed information on your organisation and the other hiring companies they admire. They will interview you as much as you do them. This generation has instant access to online data, media sources and educational opportunities.  To leave an impression on Gen Z, be clear on your company culture and how comfortable you are sharing your company ethos.

Ambitious & Workforce Ready

Your hiring policy must be set up to attract a mobile, engaged and fluid workforce. It’s time to give credit to a generation often underestimated with obsessing over the latest TikTok trend or going backwards rather than forwards in interpersonal skills. We are dealing with a highly motivated and socially aware generation. So the big question is what can you do to best approach this new wave of employees who are on their way?

Hiring Gen Z Post-Covid 

The global pandemic has been a stress-test for proving the success of remote working, flexibility and employers adapting to individual workers’ needs. We have experienced an unprecedented shift  and it has irrevocably transformed recruitment, hiring and employee expectations. The global workforce continues to re-evaluate roles and is aiming for more. Gen Z is no exception so brushing aside the shift in mindset of your hiring pool could cost you greatly.

An Employee-First Strategy

How can you keep your turnover low when delayed gratification, hierarchical organisational structure and long-term progression are no longer relevant? Firstly, invest in the technology needed by employees to effectively do their jobs in a home office or traditional office setting. Implementing robust processes supports and encourages stability in turbulent and uncertain times. Flexibility is the key. You must encourage flexibility to remain relevant. When it comes to retention, by offering market-leading salaries, a strong culture and company benefits, you remove reasons for employees to look for seemingly more attractive roles elsewhere. Adopting an employee-first strategy now will pay dividends in the future. 

Optimise Your Onboarding Process

The idea of being ready to go from day one will start to become more and more important when it comes to attracting talent. Learning to optimise your hiring and onboarding processes will help you ensure your staff are being used to their full potential – despite how long (or short), they stay with you.

Start Today

If short-term roles are a way of the future, embrace this exciting new opportunity for a diverse employee base. With nearly 42% of Gen Zers having the aim to own their own business, it’s time to welcome a new wave of entrepreneurial spirit into your hiring process. This new generation of workers will contribute richly over an accelerated pace.  Gen Z demands a combination of fast hiring, sleek onboarding processes, rich culture, job satisfaction and more. With these tips above, it’s time to help shape a new hiring era. 

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