Elevate Your Candidate Experience With Interview Intelligence

The interview intelligence space is growing rapidly. To attract top talent, you need to provide them with a great experience and a modern interview process. Wondering where to start? 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can enhance your hiring process and candidate experience with interview intelligence. 

Here are some key tips to help you get started…

Establish a fair and consistent process 

If you leave your interview process open to interpretation, there is a risk of ‘gut feelings’ creeping into decision making. With busy workloads, the pressure of tight budgets and hastily written notes, it’s no wonder key details are missed from great interviews. Interview intelligence will free up time for interviewers’ by removing the need for note-taking and making sure that the same questions are not repeated at interview rounds. 

Capture interview data 

Make decisions based on reality and assess candidates’ answers according to hard data and facts. This empowers hiring managers, especially when hiring at scale. It allows teams to assess candidates efficiently and in a fair and impartial way. Use the rich data that comes from every interview to your advantage. It reduces the risk of things being lost in translation. No gems of information are forgotten in human error. 

Top tip: use audio and transcripts when making hiring decisions, make them your first point of reference when scoring candidates

Include key stakeholders to review and assess

A successful hiring process means involving the right people. Be laser focused on finding out what candidates need in order to excel in a given role and engage the people in your organisation who know best. This will allow you to create a compelling job advert, to choose the right interview type, intelligence software and provide clear and actionable feedback, Key decision makers must also be included to thoroughly review a shortlist of candidates.

Top tip: get input from the right stakeholders to use interview intelligence tools effectively.

The candidate should always come first

You should consider candidates’ experience of your hiring process at all stages. This should sit at the heart of your process. One way to instil this is through transparency. Be open about your process and what candidates’ can expect. It is also advisable to follow up with constructive feedback and this shows candidates that you care and that you put them first. Every positive encounter builds your employer brand and shows candidates that this is a good place to work.

Top tip: share information about your process with candidates and create an engaging experience.  Practice good communication and provide actionable feedback. 

So what does the candidate get from interview intelligence? 

Well the most important factors are a more inclusive, people-focused and efficient way of hiring. Your hiring teams are less distracted or anxious that they will miss things. A robust process drawing upon the tools of interview intelligence equips hiring teams with the confidence of data to assess candidates fairly and to make informed decisions. A huge advantage is great objectivity from the voices you include in your process. 

Interview intelligence also allows you to provide a more personalised interview experience for candidates. Give detailed and actionable feedback to candidates to help them improve and grow. Overall, using these tools enhances your own hiring process in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. 

Equitas interview intelligence 

Our interview software digitises your end-to-end and ensures that every interview you do is as good as the last, both on video and in-person. Be three-times quicker without compromising on quality or fairness. We want you to be able to focus more on your candidates and hiring decisions.
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