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Here are the main reasons to use our product

Collaborative Hiring

Equitas offers anonymous collaboration between multiple interviewers for scoring even when remote.

We help to deliver faster and smoother 1-2-1 or panel interviews remotely, saving time and resources

Fair Hiring

We offer a structured approach with best practice to create fair interviews.

Equitas provides analysis of interview performance to highlight bias and drive continuous improvement.

Time & Resource Saving

Equitas helps to streamline the interview process, saving your company time, and facilitating more focus on candidates and hiring decisions.

We support integrations with ATS and third party providers to reduce manual processes.

Consistent Interviewing

Equitas provides a centralised system to help deliver remote interviews, ensuring consistency throughout campaigns and scoring of interviews.

Our software offers dynamic interview frameworks that instil structure whilst maintaining candidate engagement.

Case Studies

Fair hiring on an international scale

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Optimised interviews with efficient delivery and easy scoring

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Digitalising the healthcare space with high volume remote interview campaigns

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Streamlined interview frameworks with a focus on values based hiring 

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Great candidate experience with our interview-as-a-service offering 

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