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Use Cases

Here are the main reasons to use our app.

Collaborative Hiring

Panel interviews with multiple interviewers reduces bias and minimises the risk of interviewers picking personal choices for the role.

Our software provides interviewers with a new level of flexibility and freedom. We collate scores from panel interviewers and others that can retroactively review the interview.

Time & Resource Saving

Taking manual notes is time consuming. Interviews should be about spending time with the applicants, not dealing with administration.

Automating the repetitive, boring parts of interviews reduces the cognitive load on interviewers allowing them to make more effective decisions.

Fair Interviews

Hiring diversely is critical for a modern company; fairer hiring results in better hires.


Providing a structured and consistent experience and capturing all interview data provides you with more information to make fully-informed decisions.

Remote Interviewing

With multiple rounds of interviews it can be useful to integrate a remote process, saving time and resources for everyone.

We offer remote interviewing via phone or video call whilst retaining the human element and candidate engagement.


Case Studies

Read about the forward-thinking companies that are already using our app to improve hiring.

Ulster University
TES Institute
London Met





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