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Tes Institute

Tes Institute believe in the power of great teaching and their mission is to provide training and development that is accessible and flexible to allow more people to enter the teaching profession. At Equitas, we realised we could help Tes Institute improve the way they interview and assess candidates to make sure that their Enrolment Advisors were able to play a key role in promoting Tes Institute’s solutions and programmes.

What we did

We helped Tes Institute introduce a digital approach to their interviews. In partnership with their hiring manager, we helped identify what a high performing Enrolment Advisor looked like and built a structured interview approach based on their core values and the skills required to succeed in the role. This new approach helped improve the accuracy and consistency of the interview process. Previously the interview process had been very manual, with a reliance on note taking as the primary method of recording information.


With their new digital approach, top performers were identified more quickly and the time to hire was reduced.

What they said

Adrian Loughrey, School Partnership Support Manager

“The digital interview app was easy to use and has improved our hiring process. The audio recording meant I could concentrate on having an engaging conversation with the candidates, detailed scoring made it easier to pick the right person and we were able to make an offer based on the results produced by the app.”

Marketforce Live

Marketforce are one of the global leaders in B2B marketing solutions and events. They are producers of some of the world’s most innovative events and content tailored to senior decision makers within Insurance, Banking, Utilities, Energy, Technology, Transport, Logistics, Media and Economic Regulation.

What we did

We helped to change the way Marketforce ran their graduate assessment centre using a digital approach. All assessors were provided with tablets in order to capture assessment data with audio recording and to score digitally. This new approach led to in depth candidate feedback reports and reduced the number of assessor resources required throughout the day. We were also able to give an assessment centre analysis report to help improve the process for future campaigns.

What they said

Robert Champion, Head of Delegate Sales

“Equitas was able to digitalise our assessment centre they made the switch from paper based exercises to digital seem easy for everyone involved. The tablet based approach was integrated effectively with our usual style of running assessment centres to ensure that our managers weren't phased by the additional technology. The digital recording of the exercises meant the feedback for candidates was incredibly detailed and again helped improve the candidate experience after the assessment centre.”