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We want to help you make better and less biased hiring decisions

Why we exist

Hiring is hard. Companies often struggle to find the right people for the right role and don't always know the best way to build diverse teams.
The whole reason Equitas exists is to bring fairness to hiring so that companies can hire the right people and build diverse teams. Diverse companies deliver so much more in terms of creativity, productivity and financials but they are also 2x as likely to survive in the long run.
We help users capture interview data (audio and text) using dynamic interview frameworks for a structured and consistent approach. We then encourage our users to base their scoring and hiring decisions on the objective evidence they have captured.
We chose interviews as the first part of hiring we wanted to fix as it is where the most bias exists.

Meet The Team

Javier Martínez
Jacqui Pownall
Tatenda Chikaka

Javier is a Full stack web developer with expertise in NLP and i18n, and has been involved in projects for some of the largest tech companies including Samsung, Microsoft and Toyota.

Javier loves technology, design and languages. How to start a conversation: football, video games, or just saying 'hi'

Jacqui is one of our Associate Assessors. She has an incredible track record over the last 20 years helping some of the biggest FTSE 100 companies with some of their highest volume recruitment campaigns.


Jacqui loves all things related to employability, she has developed and delivered amazing employability programmes, helping people get back in to work or find their first jobs post-education. 

Tatenda is a full stack engineer who has worked with several start-ups to build and test various prototypes and features.


Tatenda loves rugby and boxing.
How to start a conversation: music and Politics 

20190625 Equitas 006 v3.jpg
Michael Blakley

Michael started his career as an area manager for Aldi before leaving to set up a freelance recruitment and interviewing company, working with companies including Aldi, TfL, Prison Service, BSkyB. He completed over 10,000 interviews for a range of different FTSE 100 and public sector companies. 

Michael loves HR tech, interviews, assessments and all things hiring. How to start a conversation: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, China, poker or running. 

20190625 Equitas 001 v4.jpg
George Oehlert

George started his career in management consulting before leaving to help startups and early stage companies with strategy and technology consulting, delivering tech products globally. 

George loves UX/UI, design, big picture planning, strategy and ensuring a customer focus. How to start a conversation: start with cycling, coffee, food or traveling. 

Rachel OK

Rachel joined Equitas as a marketing specialist and has completed a Masters degree in Marketing at Ulster University.

Rachel loves photography, videography and creating visual art.  How to start a conversation: podcasts, music, news and creative projects



We are on a mission to help companies make better, less biased hiring decisions and build more diverse teams.


If this is something you are passionate about and you are up for the challenge please get in touch by email to info@equitas.ai to find out more or apply to one of the open roles below.


We support two local charities who are doing incredible work in Northern Ireland as well as across the globe.

Stand by Me, rescuing children across the globe and helping them thrive. 

Bluehouses, providing youth work in Ballysillan, supporting some amazing children


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