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Creating fairer hiring for all

Our Mission

Equitas is transforming hiring through the use of technology and data to foster engaging conversations that provide each candidate or employee with equal opportunities while enabling HR teams to make quicker decisions with confidence.

Meet The Team

Michael Blakley


George Oehlert


Rachel OK

Full Stack Marketer

Javier Martínez

Full Stack Engineer

Amy Glass

Full Stack Engineer

Merilin Männamäe

Customer Success Manager

Our Values

Be Human

Recognise that colleagues and customers are people and respect their time and wellbeing. Use active listening to hear beyond the spoken word and through technology, deliver a human experience for hiring

Inclusive By Default

Diversity, equity and inclusion drives everything we do and everything we are. Seek to understand differences and recognise them as a strategic advantage and a chance to learn and growth.

Instil Trust

Lead the way by showing how you trust and respect others, so that you can instil trust in them. Ask for help when you need it and use questions as a chance to learn. Focus on delivering results and getting the
job done.

Embrace Ambiguity

Be excited by the unknown, be open to innovation and guide each other through change. Adapt to new situations, work flexibly and proactively to deal with anything that arises.

Be Resourceful

Find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and strive for continuous improvement, where small changes make big differences. Be creative and optimise time and resources.

Take Ownership

Take ownership of your work, timelines, the team and yourself. Be curious and seek to continuously learn, improve and ask questions, without fear of failure.

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We are on a mission to help companies make better, less biased hiring decisions and build more diverse teams.

If this is something you are passionate about and you are up for the challenge please get in touch by email to info@equitas.ai to find out more or apply to one of the open roles below.

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